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Sustainable development of European rural areas through cooperation in marketing of local and organic food products

Proyecto aprobado por la Comisión Europea.
Convocatoria 2013. Programa de Aprendizaje Permanente.
Leonardo da Vinci - Transferencia de Innovación.


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More and more farmers and rural SMEs in Europe, struggling to survive in a rapidly changing agricultural and economical environment, appreciate the growing interest in local and niche products as a possibility to continue their activities. Although consumers seem to favour local, authentic and healthy food, they experience difficulties in accessing it. Part of the imports that currently satisfy the growing demand could be replaced by local products, however the companies involved in the supply chain of local and organic food products need to become more professional and competitive.

The MARLO project aims to improve the competitiveness of rural SMEs by introducing a Methodological Training Tool in Marketing of Local and Organic Food Products, and to encourage sustainable development of rural areas. The project is based upon the transfer of the results of LdV project ProudFarmer that was successfully completed by a partnership of 6 organisations from Latvia, France, Italy, Slovenia and Romania in 2010. Adapted training programme will be tested and evaluated in Spain, Latvia, Cyprus and Lithuania.

The objectives of MARLO include needs analysis; sharing experiences in promotion of local and organic products and marketing training; adaptation of ProudFarmer training tool to the requirements of the target group and project countries; testing and evaluation; creation of local and international networking and cooperation opportunities for the target group; dissemination and preparation of appropriate mechanisms/processes for further exploitation of project results.

The project will be implemented by a consortium of 7 partners from 5 EU countries spanning from North to South of Europe (Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania). It includes training and consulting organisations and associations active in organic farming and tourism, thus allowing to combine different views and experiences and achieve the expected impact of the project. The main outcome  will be a Methodological Training Tool in Marketing of Local and Organic Food Products (training programme, manual, workbook, case studies) in Spanish, Latvian, Greek, Lithuanian and English. The project will also produce a number of results that will be used for dissemination (project website, leaflets, conference) and will help to promote the project and exploit its results.

The primary target group of the project are rural SMEs involved in production, marketing and sales of local and organic food products. The project will help to significantly increase their access to training, improve their qualifications in the area of marketing and increase competitiveness. It will also contribute to the development of this type of businesses and economic re-vitalisation of rural areas in partner countries. It is expected that after the completion of the project the results could also be "exported" to the other geographical areas of Europe.


El proyecto empezará el 1 de octubre de 2013 y terminará el 30 de septiembre de 2015.

La AN contribuirá con la cantidad máxima de 206.230,36€, equivalente a 70,50% del total de costes elegibles estimados







Proyecto cofinanciado por el Gobierno de Extremadura, Consejería de Empleo, Empresa e Innovación a través de las medidas de apoyo a los Cluster de la Comunidad Autónoma de Extremadura.

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