4th Edition of the @ Digital Region Awards

Celebration Night in Mérida
Presentation of the 4th @ Digital Region Awards

DigitalPress Group celebrated an unforgettable evening this Wednesday with the presentation of the 4th @ Awards of their newspaper Regiondigital.com. The event took place in the charming Gardens of the Hotel Ilunion Las Lomas in Mérida and was hosted by Diego Casillas, director of Miextremadura.com, alongside Elena Cárdenas, an actress from ESAD Extremadura.

More than 200 attendees enjoyed an evening full of good vibes and memorable moments. They were all honoured with the iconic @ symbol designed by the renowned Extremaduran sculptor Miguel Sansón.

These awards stand out for recognising innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact in the region, thus celebrating the talent and dedication of the awardees. This year’s gala has once again solidified Regiondigital.com’s commitment to excellence and the development of Extremadura.

Awards presented:
  • @ GASTRONOMY: Extremaduraalimenta.com
  • @ ENVIRONMENT: Rograsa
  • @ TOURISM: Club Turismo Online de Extremadura
  • @ CULTURE: Año Jubilar Eulaliense
  • @ ENTREPRENEURSHIP: TicTacYummy by Patricia Tena
  • @ SOCIAL: Ecoinnova Social FEAFES Mérida

Julio González Morales, CEO of DigitalPress Group, congratulated the awardees and highlighted the crucial role of RegionDigital.com throughout its 24-year history, praising the commitment and loyalty of the team. Looking to the future, he expressed optimism about continuing to innovate and lead projects both in Spain and internationally. He also advocated for simplifying administration for freelancers and businesses. Additionally, he announced plans to strengthen their role as providers of software and digital content, integrating artificial intelligence with specialised journalistic work.

You can visit the full news story on the official Regiondigital.com website.

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