First months of the implementation of the programme “Dancing Histor(y)ies, Binding Communities and Heritage Through Dance”

Dancing Histor(y)ies, Binding Communities and Heritage Through Dance, is a European project, co-funded by “Creative Europe” (project id: 101099222), aimed at binding local communities and cultural heritage through dance. 

Dancing Histor(y)ies aims to create a common and adaptable general model to be disseminated and exploited on a European scale, with the objective of combining the tangible cultural heritage of the sites involved with the intangible heritage of local communities and their histories, fused through the creativity of dance.

During the months of development, several meetings have been held by the partners, the first was in April in Cyprus, for the presentation of the project, and the second was held in August in Sardinia, taking advantage of the celebration of the NID Platform in Cagliari and making a study visit to the Peninsula of Tharros and its fabulous archaeological site. In addition, the partners have made several study visits to the archaeological sites that are part of the project in order to start planning the performances of the Dancing Histor(y)ies Festival that will take place in 2024. 

The programme involves thirteen institutions from eleven different European countries with extensive experience in cultural site management, performing arts, dance production, research and training, as well as in the design, management and evaluation of EU-funded projects. 

  • Institutional partners: Associazione Enti Locali per le Attività Culturali e Di Spettacolo (Italy), Consorcio Patronato del Festival de Merida (Spain), I Borghi Srl (Italy), Arheoloski Institutv (Serbia), EKPOL (Greece).
  • Artistic partners: 420 people (Czech Republic), Polski Teatr Tanca (Poland), Fondasiya Art Link (Bulgaria), Aloni & Brummer Productions (Sweden).
  • Technical partners: Technologiko panepistimio kyprou (Cyprus), Asociación AEI Cluster del Turismo de Extremadura (Spain), Kulturális Örökség Menedzserek Egyesülete (Hungary), Mapa das Ideias (Portugal).
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