Pictograma, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Reaching new heights in digital marketing.
Pictograma joins the Cluster as a new partner.

Pictograma, a renowned Design & Digital Marketing Agency, has decided to join the Extremadura Tourism Cluster, strengthening its commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the sector.


With over 25 years of experience in the market, Pictograma continues to offer high-quality communication services to companies in various sectors. Its motto, “TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND…”, reflects its constant pursuit of excellence and its firm dedication to improving day by day.



Among the services offered by Pictograma are:


  • Online Sales: Offering comprehensive solutions for stores in multiple languages, online reservations for hotels, vehicle rental businesses, among others, with integration into social networks and marketplaces.
  • Video Marketing: Creation of corporate, explanatory, promotional, and gastronomy videos, taking advantage of the growing demand for audiovisual content on the internet.
  • Web Design: Development of custom websites, optimized for search engines and adapted to mobile devices, with a wide range of functionalities and customization options.
  • Graphic Design: From logos and corporate identity to packaging design, catalogs, and advertising graphics, offering a wide variety of graphic design services.
  • Google Advertising: Marketing strategies on the world’s largest search engine, with segmented campaigns and constant optimization to achieve the best results.
  • SEO Positioning: Optimization of websites to improve their visibility in search engines and increase organic traffic.
  • Motion Graphics: Use of computer animation to create dynamic and attractive videos that effectively communicate messages.
  • Social Media Management: Strategic planning, dynamization, reports, and results, offering comprehensive management of companies’ social media presence.

Furthermore, as an “Adhered Digitalizing Agent,” Pictograma demonstrates its commitment to digitization and innovation by offering consulting services, tailor-made courses, and support for grants and subsidies for SME innovation and digitization projects.


With the addition of Pictograma to the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura, a new horizon of opportunities opens up for the sector, where technology and creativity come together to drive tourism in the region to new levels of success and development.