"NEXT WEEK EXTREMADURA" was created as a web portal that compiled content related to the tourism sector and published offers and promotions from the members of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster.

This platform offered different types of content related to the products and services offered by our members.

In this way, the platform offered a support since through it any associate could promote, through very competitive offers, their companies and businesses.

In addition, the Extremadura Tourism Cluster compiled information on the best and most attractive offers from its members in the hotel and catering industry, including training, offering the best promotions and thus being able to share it globally with the general public.

With this information, a free weekly publication [Newsletter] was produced, where the best offers of the partners were selected and sent by email to the inbox of our subscribers once a week.

78.300,80 €
Financed by:
Regional Ministry of Employment, Enterprise and Innovation. Government of Extremadura and AEI Tourism Cluster of Extremadura


With the project “NEXT WEEK EXTREMADURA” the Extremadura Tourism Cluster offered its associates a DISSEMINATION SHOWCASE and a MARKETING CHANNEL.

This tool provided all partners actively participating in the platform with the possibility to increase their visibility as well as to increase their impact among their potential target audience.

Thanks to the project, the Extremadura Tourism Cluster offered a QUALITATIVE LEAP IN THE SERVICES OFFERED TO THE ASSOCIATES: going from merely informative, training and operational services to strategic services that facilitate the entities of the sector in their daily activity and allowed them to obtain a result in their benefits.