Plan for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Tourism Development in the municipality of Orellana la Vieja, through information, training and advice activities aimed at companies and entrepreneurs that promote creativity, motivation and innovation. It was based on new models of public-private business cooperation and success stories.

General objectives

  • Training days, conferences, seminars.
  • Networking meetings and similar meetings aimed at self-employment and/or the consolidation of small and medium-sized enterprises or related to local development and economic promotion.
  • Projects or activities that promote local economic development, modernisation and innovation and the search for sectoral diversification.

Specific objectives

  • Facilitate common networking spaces to generate innovative and creative ideas and that these can be shared and discussed among participants.
  • Facilitate access to information and documentation on innovation, creativity, business plans and everything related to entrepreneurship.
  • To put participants in direct contact with the most relevant members of the Public Sector.
  • Encourage participation and interaction by creating working groups related to entrepreneurship for the development and implementation of projects.
  • Advise at all times, through remote assistance, and on any topic of the project, the participants who are implementing their innovative ideas in tourism by providing contact telephone and email through the event’s website and being in direct communication with the City Council from the beginning of the project’s approach.
  • To promote contact with the regional and international business sector by inviting the main representatives of Portuguese regions with the same “Blue Flag” designation in their territory for cultural exchange, business development and ideas other than know-how.
  • To provide participants with up-to-date practical knowledge in the field of tourism.
  • To enable participants to initiate activities, improve the ones they already develop and/or undertake activities related to the potential of this sector.
  • To raise awareness of the advantages and job opportunities related to the tourism value chain.