The gastronomic tourism entrepreneurship recipes project was motivated by the excellent results achieved in the previous nature tourism entrepreneurship club, developed by the Extremadura Tourism Cluster in October 2013 in Plasencia and Mérida. Moreover, it should be noted that it had enjoyed a high level of participation and that the assessment by the attendees was very positive.

The main interests of these young people were to complete and complement their knowledge in tourism, as well as to learn how to create their own business plan. This fact, together with the need expressed by these participants to develop a similar project aimed at gastronomic tourism, were the factors that motivated the approach and development of this new entrepreneurship club focused on a type of tourism with great potential in a region with a rich and varied gastronomic heritage.

Another factor that justified the development of this new club was the need for young people to undertake and enhance the value of our region's resources in a sustainable and fresh way, attracting tourists with improved and perfected marketing and promotion.

7.777,77 €
Financed by:
Government of Extremadura, Presidency and Youth Institute of Extremadura