Intelligent and innovative network to reduce costs in the purchasing management of companies in the tourism sector. The Intelligent Network was a computer application in which users registered and, by introducing a series of variables, a visual map of supply and demand for supplies in the tourism sector in Extremadura was obtained, which served to obtain basic, first-hand information on prices.

All of this was of great use to the sector's entrepreneurs, not only because of the quality and quantity of information available to them, but also because of the increased negotiating power they were able to obtain with suppliers. In this way, and thanks to the functionalities of this tool, it was possible to favour the competitiveness of the tourism sector in the region, reducing its costs and increasing its profits.

59.722 €
Financed by:
Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and AEI Tourism Cluster of Extremadura

General objective

To offer entrepreneurs in the tourism sector a support tool that allows them to improve the competitiveness of tourism sector companies through cost reduction and purchase prices.

Objetivos específicos

  • To support entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.
  • To encourage business cooperation between companies in the same sector.
  • To improve the bargaining power of entrepreneurs with their main suppliers.
  • To obtain a global vision of the existing relationships between companies and suppliers in order to optimise purchases.
  • To reduce the prices of the main purchases of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector through economies of scale.