Cata con Cati

"Cata con Cati" is a company created to offer activities centered around the world of wine, gastronomy, and nature through a series of tourism experiences.

Explore the fascinating world of wine with our exclusive tour "Entre Vinos" (Among Wines). Accompanied by a professional sommelier, you'll discover the culture, nature, and rich winemaking tradition of Extremadura. Immerse yourself in the history of emblematic cities and stunning landscapes with our tours "Extremadura Vinotour," "Vinotour/Cavatour Almendralejo," and "Entre Risas y Vinos" (Between Laughter and Wines).

Embark on an exciting birdwatching adventure with our tour "Entre Aves" (Among Birds). Enjoy biodiversity in our strategically located hides in Puebla de la Reina and explore the Sierra de Hornachos-Valle Matachel with a local nature guide.

Experience a unique evening under the stars with "Entre Estrellas" (Among Stars). Combine the world of wine with astronomical observation, guided by experts in astrotourism. Observe the night sky through telescopes and immerse yourself in the magic of the night.

Furthermore, indulge in the delights of cheeses, oils, and pastures with our exclusive tours. At Cata con Cati, in addition to all these experiences, we customize and adapt to the needs of each client. Turn every moment into an unforgettable journey!