FEC – Business Federation of Cáceres

Landline phone:
+34 927 22 31 20
Mobile phone:
+34 678 78 72 30

The Cáceres Business Federation, founded in 1977, represents the union and autonomy of the Business Associations in the province of Cáceres. Born from the innovative vision of businessmen committed to the unity of the collective, it was established with the purpose of managing, coordinating, representing, promoting and defending business interests in all activities. Throughout its history up to the present, the Federation has integrated various Business Associations covering different sectors in its area of influence. Its non-profit commitment is focused on supporting private initiative and promoting the socio-economic development of the province of Cáceres. The federation provides services to all companies, regardless of their size, representing them before institutions and government bodies. Its work endures as a fundamental pillar in the business fabric of Cáceres.