María José García Curto

presidentIn September 2020, after the most unexpected and uncertain time we have ever experienced, I took over the presidency of the Cluster de Turismo de Extremadura together with a great team, a Board of Directors committed to a new and different stage, in a different scenario to the one we knew, full of uncertainty and with great challenges for the sector that has to evolve and adapt to the environment and its changes.

Since its constitution in February 2009, of which I had the honour of being a member, the Custer de Turismo de Extremadura has brought together companies and associations from the tourism sector in Extremadura that share an interest in innovative development, based on cooperation and networking, taking advantage of synergies and sharing knowledge. All of this contributes to creating competitive opportunities for its member companies and benefits the entire value chain of Extremadura’s tourism sector in general.

Today, collective and participatory work is more necessary than ever, adding the effort, knowledge and experience of all, to create a differential and successful value proposition from the development of common initiatives born from multiple interests, from the interaction with internal agents of the sector and external agents of the different productive sectors that make up the transversal universe of the tourism sector.

We work to ensure that the Cluster continues to be a national and international reference by developing projects that provide companies with innovative tools that facilitate daily management and process optimisation through access to digitalisation and the most appropriate technology without losing the essence of the tourism business: customer satisfaction and experience, through a professional service based on human quality.

In the Cluster de Turismo de Extremadura you are all welcome to join the project.

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