Our perspective

Due to the economic changes of the last years, with crisis and instability in the sector, the Cluster del Turismo de Extremadura has had to reinvent and modernise itself, as well as to reconvert it´s work model to secure its “survival”.

Papeles con estadísticas sobre una mesa

Fought for the internationalisation and started its journey thanks to the launching of various projects. The present strategic plan encourages and promotes internationalisation acts and increases the cooperation net between enterprises and organizations from other sectors, national and international, as well as between its members, besides the promotion of the intersectionality in the regional tourism sector and the internationalisation of the SMEs that integrate it. An example of the internationalisation acts is the competition in lines of financing getting more diverse: to the execution of financed projects by programs as Leonardo, Erasmus Plus, COSME, Europa Creativa, H2020, LIFE +, etc. A main pillar in the innovation system is keeping the promotion of collaboration with different entities in different instances (other Clusters, AEIs, Universities, Tech Centres, etc) and the continuation of the international opening developed in previous periods.

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