Digital Transformation of Businesses

A Journey Through Tourism Innovation

Digital Transformation of Businesses in the 21st Century

The 21st century is marked by technological evolution. Since the emergence of the first websites in the 1990s, technology has progressively advanced, offering multiple solutions for online commerce and adapting these websites to electronic devices.

Technology in the Tourism Sector

This technological evolution has enabled the tourism sector to incorporate various technologies for service delivery, including Big Data, geolocation, virtual and augmented reality, among others. The use of these technologies is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years, as tourists increasingly demand technological innovation.

Phases of the Digital Transformation of Businesses
  1. Traditional Business
    Companies maintain their initial positioning regarding customers, the business model, and technology, believing that digitalisation will implement itself.
  2. Present and Active
    New experimental spaces emerge that promote creativity and digitalisation within the organisation.
  3. Formalisation
    Initiatives become real, and change agents seek executive support to obtain greater resources and technology.
  4. Strategic
    Through collaboration, individual groups see how their work and research define new strategic directions aligned with investments in digital transformation.
  5. Convergence
    New models and operational teams are created that unify processes and roles, adjusting operations to provide the customer with an integrated, consistent, and unified experience.
  6. Innovative and Flexible
    Both executives and leaders recognise digital transformation as a competitive element, establishing a new ecosystem to identify and act through technology and market trends.

Explore how these phases can guide your company on the path to a successful digital transformation.

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