GLOBAL REAL ESTATE, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Cutting-edge transactional consulting
GLOBAL REAL ESTATE joins the Cluster as a new partner.

We are pleased to announce that GLOBAL REAL ESTATE has joined our network as a new strategic partner. With over 20 years of experience in transactional consultancy, it is an independent firm highly specialized in the leisure industry, with a prominent focus on the hotel, restaurant, and tourism sectors.


With a highly qualified team, it provides transactional consultancy services focused on the sale, rental, and management of hotel assets. Its boutique approach has gained the trust of a broad client portfolio, including large chains, family offices, investment funds, and small property owners.


GLOBAL REAL ESTATE demonstrates a commitment to excellence, professional ethics, integrity, and transparency. Furthermore, it promotes sustainability, not only by minimizing its environmental impact but also by advising its clients on this important objective.


Committed to excellence and professional ethics, they are distinguished by their personalized approach, offering tailor-made solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client. Their commitment to the environment and the pursuit of sustainable solutions reflect the values shared by our community.


With a highly qualified team and extensive experience in all phases of transactional operations, GLOBAL REAL ESTATE joins the Extremadura Tourism Cluster to contribute to the growth and innovation in the tourism and leisure industry.


We extend a warm welcome and look forward to closely collaborating to drive the development of the hotel and tourism sector!

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