Interview after the completion of the CulTourData project at the Gran Hotel Don Manuel

Final considerations of the Gran Hotel Don Manuel after the CulTourData project and its cultural vision in Cáceres

In the framework of the CulTourData project, we are pleased to present the final impressions from Pilar Acosta, CEO of Gran Hotel Don Manuel, who shares her reflections on this innovative initiative. During our conversation, we explored various aspects of the project and its impact on the hotel’s vision for the future.


Addressing the motivation behind Gran Hotel Don Manuel’s participation in CulTourData, Pilar highlighted the desire to make the hotel a reference point for art and culture in Cáceres. Collaboration with creative and digital professionals was crucial in developing strategies to merge accommodation with unique cultural experiences.


We also analyzed the dynamics of meetings and communication during the project, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face and virtual interaction to ensure alignment of objectives and continuous progress.


Regarding the future of the project, Pilar expressed confidence that Gran Hotel Don Manuel will be ready to launch its new cultural initiatives by the end of the year, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and innovation in the hotel industry.


The hotel’s vision is to transform accommodation into a space where artists and guests can interact, sharing knowledge and experiences in a culturally enriching environment. This approach reflects Gran Hotel Don Manuel’s commitment to offering its customers unique experiences that transcend mere accommodation.

Interview with the Gran Hotel Don Manuel