Interview after the completion of the Hotel Soho Boutique Casa Don Fernando project in CulTourData

Discover the final impressions of the Hotel Soho Boutique Casa Don Fernando after its project in CulTourData

After completing the CulTourData project, we conducted an interview with Helga González, Deputy Director at Hotel Soho Boutique Casa Don Fernando, to gather her final reflections. What was the main reason that led you to participate in the project? Do you believe that the benefits will primarily reach your company, the customers, or both parties? Among other questions.


The project focuses on implementing a marketing strategy based on the analysis of customer behavior data. Its main objective has been to create a new product linked to the cultural identity of the brand. The goal was to develop an immersive experience related to the city of Cáceres and establish an annual event that positions the brand as a reference in the sector, leading to an increase in visits to its website and, consequently, improvements in its commercial figures.


The final outcome of the project will be an interactive comic designed to enhance the online experience of existing customers and attract new profiles that may become potential customers in the future. Additionally, the creation of an annual award linked to visual arts has been conceived. Both products have the ability to adapt to other cities where the brand has a presence.

Interview with Hotel Soho Boutique Casa Don Fernando