Interview after the completion of the Natural&mente Accommodations project in CulTourData

Reflexiones finales de Natural&mente Alojamientos tras CulTourData

After completing the CulTourData project, we had the opportunity to speak with José Carlos Hernández, Management Manager at Natural&mente Accommodations, who shared his final reflections on the project.


The resources invested in CulTourData were allocated to strengthening the digital skills of the team, improving the quality of online services and products, and enhancing creativity for the development of an effective communication strategy on social media.


One of the most notable achievements was the significant improvement of the Natural&mente Accommodations website, as well as the optimization of booking and purchasing processes, which has provided greater convenience and satisfaction to customers.


The accomplishments have been remarkable: from the considerable enhancement of the website and the streamlining of booking processes to the expansion of services offered, including options such as electric bike rentals and gastronomic tips, which have enriched the guest experience at Natural&mente Accommodations.

Interview with Natural&mente Accommodations