Montijo Tour, new member of the Cluster Turismo Extremadura

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster celebrates the incorporation of the company “Montijo Tour” as a new partner. Cluster members benefit from the collaboration of the sector in our region to be able to take part in projects, information on technology and innovation and exclusive services.

Montijo Tour is a retail travel agency, both inbound and outbound, run by Elvira Prieto Molano. It has been open to the public for twenty-two years, based in Montijo, Badajoz. Its commercial activity focuses on selling and organising all kinds of trips and tourist services aimed at the end public. Since its foundation, they have been working as a travel agency, but since 2021, they started to offer incoming services in Extremadura.

They work with all types of public, always giving the best quality in their services. They are not characterised by being an agency that is sought after for price, but their strong points are focused on personalised attention and an exclusive and different packaging.

A dynamic company, always in a process of change and adaptation, in fact, they are currently transforming their brand image to transmit dynamism, digitalisation, freshness and power of attraction as a company in the tourism sector in Extremadura.

Likewise, they carry out commercial activities outside Spain in different territories such as Portugal, Latin America, Asia, Europe, depending on the requirements of their clients. These activities consist of contracts with international incoming agencies, netwroking with international companies, projects, advertising, website for Portuguese public, among others.

You can find more information about them on their website: