NATURALMENTE, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster celebrates the incorporation of the company ‘Naturalmente’ as a new partner.

Cluster partners benefit from collaboration within our region’s sector to participate in projects, access information on technology and innovation, and receive exclusive services.

Naturalmente Accommodation Management Ltd. is a young company that began its journey during the pandemic. Currently, they manage 8 apartments with a solarium pool in the town of El Torno, with a capacity of up to 32 people. They are in the process of expansion, with the addition of a spa area and a spacious multipurpose lounge with beautiful views of the Jerte Valley. Additionally, there is a cozy rural house in Pasarón de la Vera with a capacity of up to 10 people.


The accommodations are characterized by their quality and attention to detail to ensure the well-being of guests. This is reflected in the 5-star ratings on Google Maps and a score of 9.1 on


Committed to sustainability, the use of electric bicycles is promoted so that guests can explore the area in an ecological and innovative way.


Self-catering accommodations are offered with digital keys, water heating systems, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, all managed from mobile devices. This provides guests with independence and comfort while also contributing to cost savings in the building’s daily operations.


Future plans include the construction of new apartments in Trujillo and soon in Montánchez and Jerez de los Caballeros. Expansion in Pasarón is also planned, and they will continue to invest in the region’s development.