Vicente Pozas, winner of the “Paraíso de Brovales” Route Award

On a day filled with emotions and nature, the VI Hiking Route “El Paraíso de Brovales” took place on January 21st in Brovales, Badajoz. This wonderful event, organized by El Paraíso de Brovales – Rural Accommodation, has been recognized as the best private hiking initiative in Extremadura.

One of the highlights was the presentation of the prestigious “Paraíso de Brovales” Route Award to Vicente Pozas. This recognition, granted by the Tourism Complex, was presented by the Mayor of Jerez de los Caballeros, Raúl Gordillo, in a ceremony attended by more than 1200 people.

The VI Hiking Route not only provided an unforgettable hiking experience in nature but also offered dozens of gifts and surprises to the participants. All attendees came together for this event, solidifying it as a memorable day in the rural world of Extremadura.

Congratulations to Vicente Pozas for this well-deserved award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the “Paraíso de Brovales” Route!

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