To provide entrepreneurs of the tourism and health sector of technological tools that allowed to create customised touristic products - segmented in a smart way related with water, and aimed at people that desire to prevent diseases or to complement the recommended medical treatment, with the final purpose of improve the competitivity of the regional touristic companies.


En Aguas de Extremadura – WWT Consortium

  • AEI Cluster del Turismo de Extremadura (coordinator).
  • Amantesdementes (mangement of al the brand image and promotion).
  • University of Extremadura through the investigation group MARKETUR.
  • Optitur (development of the platform, expert in touristic products marketing).

Main project activities

  • Investigation and identification of success examples in Spain (and particularly in Extremadura) of tourism products based on the water-health binomial.
  • Definition of the methodology and cataloguing of diseases and their corresponding treatments in function of the type of client and the different alternatives and available treatments, always related with water.
  • Informative web platform that provides an online commercialization system of available treatments and preventive activities related to water, aimed at people with health issues or that desire a healthier life.
  • Broadcasting activities of the project, as well as awareness of the agents involved.
  • Training activities of the business sector in commercialization of recreations.