The general objective of the Viability Plan was to analyse the business opportunity of implementing a training plan for cluster management in the tourism sector in international markets, based on new organisational models and intersectoral cooperation. In addition, it also had a number of specific objectives:

  • To extend the business model of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster to international environments and reduce the associated risks.
  • To demonstrate the interest in developing innovative business clusters.
  • To analyse the business opportunity.
  • Develop strategic measures necessary in each functional area of the plan.
  • To design a working methodology in accordance with the needs of the agents involved in the management of tourist destinations.
  • To increase the possibilities of internationalisation of the SMES associated with the Cluster in the processes of formation of organisations from other countries through examples of work carried out by these in Spain.
35.610,00 €

Project consortium

  • Institute of International Economics. University of Valencia.
  • Extremadura Tourism Cluster AEI.

Main actions of the project

  • Analysis and previous studies. State of the art.
  • Demand analysis.
  • Designing the programme, defining the contents of the training plan and testing it (pilot).
  • Follow-up of the Viability Study, control of actions and justification of aid.
  • Dissemination Plan.