The general objective of the CDT-Innova-Tourism Spaces project that the Extremadura Tourism Cluster carries out every year is: To spread innovative projects and initiatives and stimulate the creation of ideas through public and/or private cooperation between different agents that form part of the regional tourism sector and transversal organisations to the same.

Financed by:
Department of Tourism, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructures of the Regional Government of Extremadura

Aimed at

  • Members of the AEI Cluster del Turismo de Extremadura(Tourism Cluster of Extremadura).
  • Entrepreneurs of the regional tourism sector.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • University students.
  • Public administration managers.
  • Companies transversal to the tourism sector (especially: icts, environment, energy efficiency, communication and marketing).
  • Researchers

Main actions of the project

  • Celebration of the Working Day in Espacios CDT Innova-Turismo.
  • Award for the Best Tourism Initiative of the year.
  • Share, analyse and disseminate the tourism results of the year.