General objective

The general objective of the project was to train the young population of Extremadura (from both provinces) aged between 16 and 30 years old, to start professional activities, improve those already developed and/or undertake projects related to Health Tourism as a niche activity with great potential in Extremadura. In addition, they were trained in innovation and creativity to facilitate the creation of ideas and their implementation.

Financed by:
Regional Government of Extremadura, Presidency and Youth Institute of Extremadura

Specific objectives

The project aimed to meet a number of specific objectives in this regard:

  • Facilitate spaces to generate innovative and creative ideas and that these can be shared and debated among the young participants.
  • Encourage the participation and interaction of young people by creating working groups related to entrepreneurship for the development and implementation of projects.
  • Advise at all times, through remote assistance, and on any topic of the project, the young participants who are implementing their innovative ideas in health tourism.
  • Encourage contact with the regional business sector outside the classroom and put into practice the knowledge acquired during the classroom training sessions.
  • To provide participants with up-to-date practical knowledge in the field of health tourism, wellness, active living…
  • To enable students to start activities, improve those they are already developing and/or undertake activities related to the potential of this sector.
  • To raise awareness of the advantages and job opportunities in the health tourism value chain.
  • Facilitate access to information and documentation on innovation, creativity, business plans and everything related to entrepreneurship.
  • To reward and spread the best ideas developed during the project.