The project "Raising Strong and resilient Communities" aimed to develop a set of pedagogical tools that could be used in adult education (with a focus on "non-formal" education, i.e. education that takes place outside educational institutions) for a more active and participatory citizenship. These tools were based on existing storytelling approaches, theories and methods, as well as on those that emerged during the implementation of the project.

These tools consisted of the trainer's manual, structured courses for adult educators and, finally, instructional videos and audios showing examples of good practice. They were built around the development of cooperation and communication skills in different communities, between people from different social groups: different generations, cultures, etc. in order to get their active engagement in the local community.

The novel aspect of this project was that it aimed to provide a set of concrete narrative methods to work with, as well as guides and courses to help communities deal successfully with both current situations and possible future eventualities.

This project, therefore, supported the planning of a future for the communities with concrete improvement actions, inspired by the history of each community and leading to increased participation and collaboration of its citizens and, ultimately, to positive change.

The most important aspect of the RS&RC was that the consortium partners worked on concrete cases at the national level, with selected educators and social workers and the communities or social groups where they were active, testing the tools created.

Project consortium

  • SFV-Bildning – Finland (project management).
  • Storybag – The Netherlands.
  • In-Dialogue – The Netherlands.
  • OZARA storitveno in invalidsko podjetje d.o.o. – Slovenia.
  • Associazione AccoglieRete – Italy. 
  • Ceres Europe – Northern Ireland / U.K. 
  • CZECH DEX SRO – Czech Republic.
  • Fundatia Centrul Educational Soros – Romania .
  • AEI Cluster de Turismo de Extremaduraa – Spain.