The actions framed in this project focused on a study for the identification and proposal of technological solutions, based on the use of SMART technologies for the prevention and minimisation of tourist activities of river cruises and walks on navigable rivers included in the Natura 2000 Network and in the Renpex Network.

This is the first time that SMART technologies were applied to river tourism navigation. These technologies are based on computer applications and automatisms that react autonomously to a potential threat to the ecosystem of the area.

In a second phase, information and awareness-raising actions were carried out based on the results obtained from the study. Audiovisual material was produced, as well as a practical catalogue of envirosmart solutions applied to tourist navigation in Extremadura's Protected Natural Spaces (EPN).

IC Mejora, an Extremaduran consultancy specialised in Conservation and Environment, was used to carry out the research and studies.

Financed by:
Government of Extremadura, Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy