The project is called “Turism-path rural – Involving experiences in the rural area for the tourist based on personalised routes” in which a network of local agents in the local area will be created, of different tourist aspects (gastronomy, wine tourism, agrarian tourism,…) so that the tourist can select different experiences that link (involve) the tourist experience, making up what we call “TourismPath rural” selecting local agents in the rural area.

This project is developed with 4 partners that have representation in 6 Autonomous Communities of Spain.

Three aspects will be important in the project:

  • Identifying local actors/agents in each rural community.
  • Capacity building of local actors (training in sustainability, diversity, tourism, digitalisation and circular economy).
  • Activate a platform that allows both the establishment of all these actors and enables tourists to create their TourismPaths.

From the Resilience Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism for subsidies with Next Generation funds.