Tourism 4.0 – Project of Intelligent Properties Investments SL

The Tourism 4.0 project has strengthened the competitiveness and sustainability of tourism SMEs through professional support for the adoption of digital technologies, including training programs, financing, and assistance for digital transformation, promoting innovation and networking. During the years 2022 and 2023, the international consortium has worked on different operational stages to train companies, implement financing schemes, and evaluate the results. Highlighting the importance of digital technologies to improve business models and services in post-Covid tourism and thus enhancing the commercial opportunities of tourism SMEs. This collaborative effort has been the result of the effort and active participation of the associated companies in each phase of the project, contributing to its success.

The project involves the participation of 10 leading European actors in innovation and tourism, including organizations representing the tourism sector in 6 countries, with an aggregate membership base representing over 20,000 travel and tourism companies in Europe (from small accommodations to 5-star hotels, and travel and tour operators).


Project of Intelligent Properties Investments SL

Intelligent Properties Investments SL has achieved significant results and profits from its innovation and digitalization activities, including more agile, efficient, and effective processes, as well as savings in business costs.


Currently, it envisions a digitalization process that includes managing digitized processes with remote access, paperless operations, and decentralized operations across multiple platforms. To carry out its digitalization policy, it invests in equipment and the training of its staff.


The planned investment is expected to result in more efficient processes and contribute to the overall sustainability of the company, enhancing its competitiveness in digital environments and reducing costs in the final balance sheet.


Additionally, the company has undertaken a project in KubiK ACCOMMODATIONS, which involves setting up and launching a system for marketing tourist experiences online. This initiative aligns with its focus on digitalization and innovation, aiming to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the company in the digital environment.

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