1st Newsletter of Dancing Histor(y)ies

Dancing Histor(y)ies binding communities and heritage through dance is the European project aimed at linking communities and cultural heritage through dance. Co-financed under the “Creative Europe” program, the project focuses on promoting archaeological sites through performing arts and aims to identify an innovative, effective, and replicable model for the enhancement of cultural sites actively involving local communities in artistic production and conscious heritage enjoyment, also promoting the international circulation of European artists.


Dancing Histor(y)ies, of which Associazione Enti Locali per le Attività Culturali e di Spettacolo is the project leader, involves 13 institutions of 11 different European Countries with long experience in heritage site management, performing arts and dance production, research and training, as well as in the design, running and evaluation of EU funded projects.

Institutional Partners

Partners managing the heritage sites and enhancement activities

Technical Partners

With specific competences in research, training, dramaturgy and territorial development


The project includes activities that will take place throughout 2023/2024 in preparation for the first edition of the Dancing Histor(y)ies Festival and will be replicated for the second edition in 2025.

Kick off

Research activities

Peer to peer learning

Study visits

Workshops and e residencies

Festival and Off Festival


Kick off

Dancing Histor(y)ies has been presented in Cyprus on April, 6 at the Cyprus University of Technology. It has been an opportunity to promote and support the project in its socio-economic dimension of local development.


Presentation during NID

During NID Platform 2023, the event which brought together Italian dance companies and national and international stakeholders in Cagliari from 30 August to 2 September, the official presentation of Dancing Histor(y)ies was held. Partners illustrated the foundations and objectives of the project with a particular focus on Dancing Histor(y)ies Festival, which will be held in the 5 selected archaeological sites in summer 2024.

Study Visits

Study Visits have started in June, in which dance companies visit historical and cultural heritage sites and discover the spirit of the places. Companies started from Viminacium (SB), and then visited Merida (ES), Tharros and Ostia Antica (IT).


The research aimed at defining the Dancing Histor(y)ies Model, carried out by the University of Cyprus with the support of partners, has just been completed. The Model will contain the guidelines for the management and enhancement of archaeological sites through artistic and participatory processes.

Once the model has been defined, each site will work individually on its adaptation to its territory, will decide on which thematic threads to work and communities to involve.


The next steps of the project will be:

  • The definition of the Model for the involvement of communities in the valorisation of archaeological sites
  • The choice of companies for each archaeological site
  • The launch of workshops within the sites, in which companies will work together with local communities
  • The start of cooperation between the sites and local stakeholders, to identify strategies and actions to be implemented during 2024 for the involvement of communities in participatory activities, knowledge and fruition of the sites.

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