CulTourData – Gran Hotel Don Manuel Project

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster participates as a partner in the European project CulTourData (ID: 101038124), framed within the COSME programme of the European Commission, for the competitiveness of companies and SMEs.

Ten projects from Spanish companies have been approved and awarded €7,000 to achieve sustainable growth in cultural tourism through collaboration with the cultural and creative industries and innovation based on data and digitisation.


One of the projects chosen was that of the Gran Hotel Don Manuel, in collaboration with the creative company Amantes de Mentes and the professional data and digitalization expert Juan José Cerezo.

The aim of this project is to offer customers an intense, brief but participative artistic experience and a wide range of resources to complement their visits to cultural destinations.

The basic point of the project is based on the idea of living with artists of any discipline (plastic arts, painting, sculpture, cinema, theater…) to share their knowledge with those interested in workshops, happenings, seminars, etc., and to be able to participate in the creative activity.

Current trends in tourism go a step beyond “storytelling” and we want to turn them into “storyliving”, offering experiences that must be carried out with professionalism and respect for the creative space that is created around an artist. This is our value proposition.

All hotels are on a street, but GHDM has its own street, its own square… It is “a city within a city”. Although it is a hotel of modern construction, it shares history and space with the old Colegio San Antonio de Padua. 80 years of history of a building through which generations of students have passed and which is a wonderful reference on which the history of Gran Hotel Don Manuel has begun to be built.

Partner entities

Right in the centre of Cáceres, 5 minutes from the historic centre, a hotel where people are both the focus and the objective.

Integral communication agency in the world of creativity and marketing.

Digital marketing professional, community manager and content creator

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