CulTourData – Hotel Extremadura Project

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster participates as a partner in the European project CulTourData (ID: 101038124), framed within the COSME programme of the European Commission, for the competitiveness of tourism companies and SMEs.

Ten projects from Spanish companies have been approved and awarded €7,000 to achieve sustainable growth in cultural tourism through collaboration with the cultural and creative industries and innovation based on data and digitisation.


One of the projects chosen was that of the Hotel Extremadura, in collaboration with the creative company Kreativa and the data and digitalisation expert company Pictograma. The aim of this collaboration is to improve the customer experience, in a convenient and simple way, collected on the mobile device and thus be able to have access at any time, and in any language.

In addition, one of the main objectives is to implement the collection of data on the most used services of the hotel and to know the most visited places, both in the area and in the surroundings.

Extremadura Hotel by Sercotel is a four-star hotel accommodation offering tailor-made stays for the guest. Extremadura Hotel operates in a regional, national and international market. It has a wide range of services adapted to each user. It also offers rooms and spaces to hold social events, such as weddings or communions, or to organise work meetings or corporate events. It also has a catering service.

Partner entities

Four-star hotel located in the city of Cáceres.

Web design and digital marketing agency.

Advertising, marketing, web design, logos, photo and video agency.

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