Cata con Cati, new partner of the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura

Unique experiences in wine and nature
Cata con Cati joins the Cluster as a new partner.

Cata con Cati is a company dedicated to offering unique experiences revolving around the world of wine, gastronomy, and nature. With a wide range of tourist activities, it is committed to providing customized solutions to meet all needs.


The exclusive experiences of “ENTRE VINOS” (Among Wines) invite wine and culture enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the oenological richness of Extremadura. Guided by prestigious sommeliers, participants explore historical cities and natural spots along the Guadiana River. With activities such as Extremadura Vinotour, Vinotour/Cavatour Almendralejo, and Entre Risas y Vinos (Between Laughter and Wines), a unique immersion awaits you in the world of wine and regional gastronomy.


For nature lovers, “ENTRE AVES” (Among Birds) offers a unique birdwatching experience in the dehesa of Puebla de la Reina, as well as a guided route by a local nature expert in the Sierra de Hornachos-Valle Matachel. With two observation hides, participants can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region and explore the diversity of birdlife that inhabits these environments.


Dive into the experience of “ENTRE ESTRELLAS” (Among Stars) and discover the world of wine under the starry sky. With guided astronomical observation by experts in astrotourism, participants can make the most of the experience, accompanied by telescopes that will bring them closer to the beauty of the universe. This unique opportunity allows you to marvel at the secrets of the sky while tasting exquisite wines.


Visitors have the opportunity to explore the “ENTRE QUESOS” (Among Cheeses), “ENTRE ACEITES” (Among Oils), and “ENTRE DEHESAS” (Among Dehesas) experiences, immersing themselves in the local gastronomic richness. These activities allow them to discover the secrets of artisan cheese making, taste extra virgin olive oils, and explore the picturesque landscapes of the Extremaduran dehesas. A unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience.


In addition to all these experiences, the company adapts and customizes its services according to the individual needs of each client. For more information, interested parties can visit the company’s website.

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