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Active Cybersecurity Program aids SMEs

Request your assistance in Cybersecurity for businesses!

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster, the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), and CCIEX-Mnemo Cybersecurity have signed a collaboration agreement to manage and implement the Active Cybersecurity grants.


The Activa Cybersecurity program offers specialized and personalized advice to companies, aiming to analyze their current cybersecurity situation and develop a specific plan tailored to their needs.

The program includes individual meetings with the business owner, technical audits, specialized remote work, and thematic group workshops to highlight the importance of cybersecurity in business strategy.

Available until the budget credit is exhausted.


  • Companies classified as SMEs.
  • Legally established and duly registered in the corresponding registry.
  • Fulfill the requirements of Article 7 of Order ICT/819/2022, of August 12, and what is established in the Call document. (Regarding limitations due to debts, fiscal domicile, etc.).
  • SME status. Companies that meet the requirements established for the category of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Article 2 of Annex I of Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014. (Up to 250 workers and not exceeding 50 million in annual turnover).


The Activa Cybersecurity program is available to companies across the national territory.

For more details and to start your application, please visit the following link or contact us directly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the cybersecurity of your company!

Tourism 4.0 – BOOST – Building Better Tourism in Oporto

Presentation of results

At a gathering that brought together leaders and prominent professionals from the national and international tourism industry, the BOOST-Building Better Tourism event stood out as a transformative platform for the sector’s evolution.


An essential part of this event was the presentation of the results of the Tourism 4.0 Project, where project partners and selected SMEs shared innovative contributions. Among them, the Spanish company Inzulae, represented by Iballa Ruiz, emerged as the winner for being an example of innovation and excellence in the sector, providing solutions that will not only benefit the company but also tourism, citizens, and the environment.


Inzulae, a vacation rental agency in Gáldar, Gran Canaria, presented its HQ Plus project, a rate comparison tool that gathers daily data based on the number of guests, review scores, occupancy, minimum stays, and cancellation conditions on selected competitors. Additionally, they utilized Semrush, a web positioning comparator, with the aim of increasing traffic to their website.

With this recognition, Inzulae emerges as a benchmark in the digital transformation of tourism, offering valuable insights and collaborating to build a more promising future for the industry. Congratulations to Inzulae and the entire Tourism 4.0 team for their consistent effort throughout the project!

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