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4th Newsletter of Dancing Histor(y)ies


The next round of workshops for Dance Companies is just around the corner in Viminacium (SB), Merida (ES), Volos (GR), Ostia (IT) for its first round and Tharros (IT).

In all the involved communities the workshop is addressed to a wide spectrum of people: elder people, young people, people with disabilities, meaning any range of the active population in the communities.

Particularly, there is a strong interest for young people having previous knowledge on dance and theatre, as an opportunity for new learning experience on dancing techniques and acting approaches and above all, to promote the interaction between the dance companies, students and local professionals, in order to learn and understand needs and concerns of each other.

Together with a planned visit to archaeological spaces so that visitors can make progresses structuring their performing approach during Dancing Histor(y)ies Festival. Video diaries and communication materials to be collected in order to share this emotional experience among project partners.

DH Festivals press conference presentation – Rome

Dancing Histor(y)ies Festivals are about to start, and we have proudly announced the calendar during a general press conference held in Rome on May 23rd.

Complete Schedule of the Dancing Histor(y)ies Festival

  • 25 May–25/27 July: Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica
  • 24/26 June: Viminacium Arheološki park/Archaeological park
  • 05/07 July: Festival de Teatro Clásico de Mérida
  • 12/14 July: Tharros Area Archeologica
  • 06/09 September: Volos

This press conference has also seen a detailed presentation of the first international dance showcase to be experienced in Ostia Antica (IT) – one of the most poignant archaeological and ethnoanthropological legacies in the Mediterranean – which has kicked off with its preview date on May 25th and will follow up on July 25/27. More info and the detailed plan of activities and schedule of our amazing contemporary dance groups are available on the official DH website.

Keep following all the steps of the project, we are ready to dance and create new bonds with local communities!

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VII Business Network Awards Gala

Celebrating Regional Success
VII Business Network Awards Gala

Last Friday, 7th June, the Cáceres Business Circle organised the VII Business Network Gala, a notable event that honoured entrepreneurs who have significantly contributed to the development of our region.

In a night filled with sparkle and excitement, the Cluster awarded the Tourism2024 prize to Mrs. Pilar Acosta, CEO of Gran Hotel Don Manuel. Upon receiving this prestigious award on behalf of her entire team, Pilar highlighted the importance of collaboration with an inspiring message: “Tourism is a collective effort by administrations, business owners, and citizens; we must strive together for quality.

The gala also reserved a special moment to honour Mrs. María José G. Curto, president of the Cluster, who received the Personal Award in recognition of her 35 years of dedication. This award celebrates her outstanding career in generating business and employment, significantly contributing to the economy of Cáceres. María José has been a pivotal figure, not only in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) sector but also in numerous activities related to tourism and associations, raising Extremadura’s profile both nationally and internationally.

Dancing Histor(y)ies: Upcoming Festivals and Performances

Workshops, artistic residencies and performances in the framework of the Creative Europe programme ‘Dancing Histor(y)ies’

Festival de Teatro de Mérida includes dance in its programme through this project’s ‘Off-Festival’, with performances by artistic partners from Sweden and the Czech Republic, along with another performance by a local dance company.

The workshops and residencies will take place over 7 days and will allow the artists to interact deeply with the historical environment and cultural community of Mérida.

The performances are designed to connect the archaeological sites with dance and the local community, offering a unique experience for both artists and audiences.

Key dates in Merida

Festivals Calendar

Save the dates and join us for this unique celebration of dance and history!

ModularBox S.L., new partner of the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura

Innovation and Technology for Rural Development
ModularBox S.L. joins the Cluster as a new member.

ModularBox S.L., a fully Extremaduran company, has recently been incorporated as a new member of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster. This association strengthens its commitment to developing advanced technological solutions for towns and cities in the fields of Smart Cities and Smart Tourism.

Comprehensive Projects for a Connected Future

Specialising in the design, development, manufacturing, and installation of electronic systems, as well as the creation of software for management and automation, ModularBox S.L. focuses on empowering rural areas. Its mission is to facilitate the transformation of traditional villages into Smart Villages, equipping them with advanced technology to improve quality of life and optimise resource management.

Services Offered

ModularBox S.L. provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Smart Cities: Development of comprehensive projects for the modernisation of urban infrastructure.
  • Web App Development: Creation of custom web applications for various needs.
  • Electronic Development: Design and manufacturing of bespoke electronic systems.
  • Mobile App Development: Development of innovative mobile applications for different sectors.

Among its solutions, ModularBox S.L. features systems for the automation and access control of facilities such as parks, cemeteries, gyms, and sports fields. Additionally, they implement artistic lighting and public illumination, video surveillance systems, public address systems, and telecommunications.

Success Stories

ModularBox S.L. has successfully completed several projects in various municipalities, including:

  • Automated public address system: Improved communication for events and emergency situations.
  • Automated paddle tennis courts: Efficient management and optimised use of sports facilities.
  • Automated lighting system for the church: Architectural enhancement and energy savings.
  • Installation of surveillance cameras: Increased security in public spaces.
  • Automation of the municipal gym: Easier access control and user management.
  • Automation and management of the general water reservoir: Optimisation of water use and conservation.

With the slogan “We create fully connected systems so you can focus on your business“, ModularBox S.L. reaffirms its commitment to innovation and progress, positioning itself as a benchmark in the technological transformation of rural and urban environments in Extremadura.

Pictograma, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Reaching new heights in digital marketing.
Pictograma joins the Cluster as a new partner.

Pictograma, a renowned Design & Digital Marketing Agency, has decided to join the Extremadura Tourism Cluster, strengthening its commitment to innovation and digital transformation in the sector.


With over 25 years of experience in the market, Pictograma continues to offer high-quality communication services to companies in various sectors. Its motto, “TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND…”, reflects its constant pursuit of excellence and its firm dedication to improving day by day.



Among the services offered by Pictograma are:


  • Online Sales: Offering comprehensive solutions for stores in multiple languages, online reservations for hotels, vehicle rental businesses, among others, with integration into social networks and marketplaces.
  • Video Marketing: Creation of corporate, explanatory, promotional, and gastronomy videos, taking advantage of the growing demand for audiovisual content on the internet.
  • Web Design: Development of custom websites, optimized for search engines and adapted to mobile devices, with a wide range of functionalities and customization options.
  • Graphic Design: From logos and corporate identity to packaging design, catalogs, and advertising graphics, offering a wide variety of graphic design services.
  • Google Advertising: Marketing strategies on the world’s largest search engine, with segmented campaigns and constant optimization to achieve the best results.
  • SEO Positioning: Optimization of websites to improve their visibility in search engines and increase organic traffic.
  • Motion Graphics: Use of computer animation to create dynamic and attractive videos that effectively communicate messages.
  • Social Media Management: Strategic planning, dynamization, reports, and results, offering comprehensive management of companies’ social media presence.

Furthermore, as an “Adhered Digitalizing Agent,” Pictograma demonstrates its commitment to digitization and innovation by offering consulting services, tailor-made courses, and support for grants and subsidies for SME innovation and digitization projects.


With the addition of Pictograma to the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura, a new horizon of opportunities opens up for the sector, where technology and creativity come together to drive tourism in the region to new levels of success and development.

Extremadura Hotel, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Offering exclusivity and elegance in Cáceres
Extremadura Hotel joins the Cluster as a new partner.

The Extremadura Hotel joins the Cluster as a new partner. Located strategically in the heart of Cáceres, this four-star establishment offers an exceptional experience that exceeds expectations.


One of the hotel’s most outstanding features is its versatility in terms of meeting spaces. From intimate rooms for gatherings to large event halls, all are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the success of every occasion.


The hotel’s exclusive services are another hallmark. From the authentic regional café to the outdoor swimming pool, guests can enjoy a variety of amenities designed to meet even the most discerning needs. Additionally, the hotel’s private parking includes charging stations for electric cars and features an elegant pub where guests can unwind after a day of work or tourism.


The Extremadura Hotel’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. Every detail, from arrival to departure, is carefully attended to ensure an unforgettable experience for all guests. This commitment is reflected in an impressive satisfaction rate of 90%, underscoring the hotel’s dedication to providing a luxurious and comfortable stay.


With its inclusion in the Cluster, the Extremadura Hotel not only enriches the region’s hotel offering but also sets new standards of distinction and quality for the sector.

GLOBAL REAL ESTATE, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Cutting-edge transactional consulting
GLOBAL REAL ESTATE joins the Cluster as a new partner.

We are pleased to announce that GLOBAL REAL ESTATE has joined our network as a new strategic partner. With over 20 years of experience in transactional consultancy, it is an independent firm highly specialized in the leisure industry, with a prominent focus on the hotel, restaurant, and tourism sectors.


With a highly qualified team, it provides transactional consultancy services focused on the sale, rental, and management of hotel assets. Its boutique approach has gained the trust of a broad client portfolio, including large chains, family offices, investment funds, and small property owners.


GLOBAL REAL ESTATE demonstrates a commitment to excellence, professional ethics, integrity, and transparency. Furthermore, it promotes sustainability, not only by minimizing its environmental impact but also by advising its clients on this important objective.


Committed to excellence and professional ethics, they are distinguished by their personalized approach, offering tailor-made solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client. Their commitment to the environment and the pursuit of sustainable solutions reflect the values shared by our community.


With a highly qualified team and extensive experience in all phases of transactional operations, GLOBAL REAL ESTATE joins the Extremadura Tourism Cluster to contribute to the growth and innovation in the tourism and leisure industry.


We extend a warm welcome and look forward to closely collaborating to drive the development of the hotel and tourism sector!

Cata con Cati, new partner of the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura

Unique experiences in wine and nature
Cata con Cati joins the Cluster as a new partner.

Cata con Cati is a company dedicated to offering unique experiences revolving around the world of wine, gastronomy, and nature. With a wide range of tourist activities, it is committed to providing customized solutions to meet all needs.


The exclusive experiences of “ENTRE VINOS” (Among Wines) invite wine and culture enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the oenological richness of Extremadura. Guided by prestigious sommeliers, participants explore historical cities and natural spots along the Guadiana River. With activities such as Extremadura Vinotour, Vinotour/Cavatour Almendralejo, and Entre Risas y Vinos (Between Laughter and Wines), a unique immersion awaits you in the world of wine and regional gastronomy.


For nature lovers, “ENTRE AVES” (Among Birds) offers a unique birdwatching experience in the dehesa of Puebla de la Reina, as well as a guided route by a local nature expert in the Sierra de Hornachos-Valle Matachel. With two observation hides, participants can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region and explore the diversity of birdlife that inhabits these environments.


Dive into the experience of “ENTRE ESTRELLAS” (Among Stars) and discover the world of wine under the starry sky. With guided astronomical observation by experts in astrotourism, participants can make the most of the experience, accompanied by telescopes that will bring them closer to the beauty of the universe. This unique opportunity allows you to marvel at the secrets of the sky while tasting exquisite wines.


Visitors have the opportunity to explore the “ENTRE QUESOS” (Among Cheeses), “ENTRE ACEITES” (Among Oils), and “ENTRE DEHESAS” (Among Dehesas) experiences, immersing themselves in the local gastronomic richness. These activities allow them to discover the secrets of artisan cheese making, taste extra virgin olive oils, and explore the picturesque landscapes of the Extremaduran dehesas. A unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience.


In addition to all these experiences, the company adapts and customizes its services according to the individual needs of each client. For more information, interested parties can visit the company’s website.

Insertus, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Innovation and Creativity in Tourism and Culture
Insertus is a new partner of the Cluster.

Insertus, a company with a unique vision in the tourism and cultural field, is proud to announce its incorporation into the Cluster as a new partner. With a philosophy rooted in creativity and innovation, Insertus brings a fresh and original perspective to the tourism and cultural landscape.


As a creative company, it stands out for its focus on innovative solutions and unique experiences. From tourism consultancy to the production of performing arts shows, it covers diverse areas of the sector, interpreting new trends and adapting to market demands.


Moreover, Insertus has undergone a significant digital transformation, bringing its services and personalized experiences closer to clients and users worldwide. This strategic adaptation reflects its commitment to excellence and continuous evolution.


The team comprises committed and diverse professionals, each contributing their unique expertise to deliver comprehensive and quality solutions. Nationally recognized for its service excellence, Insertus has been awarded the Tourism Innovation Prize 2022 by Onda Cero Extremadura – Gente Viajera, highlighting its positive impact on the sector.

NATURALMENTE, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster celebrates the incorporation of the company ‘Naturalmente’ as a new partner.

Cluster partners benefit from collaboration within our region’s sector to participate in projects, access information on technology and innovation, and receive exclusive services.

Naturalmente Accommodation Management Ltd. is a young company that began its journey during the pandemic. Currently, they manage 8 apartments with a solarium pool in the town of El Torno, with a capacity of up to 32 people. They are in the process of expansion, with the addition of a spa area and a spacious multipurpose lounge with beautiful views of the Jerte Valley. Additionally, there is a cozy rural house in Pasarón de la Vera with a capacity of up to 10 people.


The accommodations are characterized by their quality and attention to detail to ensure the well-being of guests. This is reflected in the 5-star ratings on Google Maps and a score of 9.1 on


Committed to sustainability, the use of electric bicycles is promoted so that guests can explore the area in an ecological and innovative way.


Self-catering accommodations are offered with digital keys, water heating systems, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, all managed from mobile devices. This provides guests with independence and comfort while also contributing to cost savings in the building’s daily operations.


Future plans include the construction of new apartments in Trujillo and soon in Montánchez and Jerez de los Caballeros. Expansion in Pasarón is also planned, and they will continue to invest in the region’s development.

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