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Extremadura Hotel, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Offering exclusivity and elegance in Cáceres
Extremadura Hotel joins the Cluster as a new partner.

The Extremadura Hotel joins the Cluster as a new partner. Located strategically in the heart of Cáceres, this four-star establishment offers an exceptional experience that exceeds expectations.


One of the hotel’s most outstanding features is its versatility in terms of meeting spaces. From intimate rooms for gatherings to large event halls, all are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the success of every occasion.


The hotel’s exclusive services are another hallmark. From the authentic regional café to the outdoor swimming pool, guests can enjoy a variety of amenities designed to meet even the most discerning needs. Additionally, the hotel’s private parking includes charging stations for electric cars and features an elegant pub where guests can unwind after a day of work or tourism.


The Extremadura Hotel’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. Every detail, from arrival to departure, is carefully attended to ensure an unforgettable experience for all guests. This commitment is reflected in an impressive satisfaction rate of 90%, underscoring the hotel’s dedication to providing a luxurious and comfortable stay.


With its inclusion in the Cluster, the Extremadura Hotel not only enriches the region’s hotel offering but also sets new standards of distinction and quality for the sector.

GLOBAL REAL ESTATE, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Cutting-edge transactional consulting
GLOBAL REAL ESTATE joins the Cluster as a new partner.

We are pleased to announce that GLOBAL REAL ESTATE has joined our network as a new strategic partner. With over 20 years of experience in transactional consultancy, it is an independent firm highly specialized in the leisure industry, with a prominent focus on the hotel, restaurant, and tourism sectors.


With a highly qualified team, it provides transactional consultancy services focused on the sale, rental, and management of hotel assets. Its boutique approach has gained the trust of a broad client portfolio, including large chains, family offices, investment funds, and small property owners.


GLOBAL REAL ESTATE demonstrates a commitment to excellence, professional ethics, integrity, and transparency. Furthermore, it promotes sustainability, not only by minimizing its environmental impact but also by advising its clients on this important objective.


Committed to excellence and professional ethics, they are distinguished by their personalized approach, offering tailor-made solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client. Their commitment to the environment and the pursuit of sustainable solutions reflect the values shared by our community.


With a highly qualified team and extensive experience in all phases of transactional operations, GLOBAL REAL ESTATE joins the Extremadura Tourism Cluster to contribute to the growth and innovation in the tourism and leisure industry.


We extend a warm welcome and look forward to closely collaborating to drive the development of the hotel and tourism sector!

Cata con Cati, new partner of the Tourism Cluster of Extremadura

Unique experiences in wine and nature
Cata con Cati joins the Cluster as a new partner.

Cata con Cati is a company dedicated to offering unique experiences revolving around the world of wine, gastronomy, and nature. With a wide range of tourist activities, it is committed to providing customized solutions to meet all needs.


The exclusive experiences of “ENTRE VINOS” (Among Wines) invite wine and culture enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the oenological richness of Extremadura. Guided by prestigious sommeliers, participants explore historical cities and natural spots along the Guadiana River. With activities such as Extremadura Vinotour, Vinotour/Cavatour Almendralejo, and Entre Risas y Vinos (Between Laughter and Wines), a unique immersion awaits you in the world of wine and regional gastronomy.


For nature lovers, “ENTRE AVES” (Among Birds) offers a unique birdwatching experience in the dehesa of Puebla de la Reina, as well as a guided route by a local nature expert in the Sierra de Hornachos-Valle Matachel. With two observation hides, participants can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region and explore the diversity of birdlife that inhabits these environments.


Dive into the experience of “ENTRE ESTRELLAS” (Among Stars) and discover the world of wine under the starry sky. With guided astronomical observation by experts in astrotourism, participants can make the most of the experience, accompanied by telescopes that will bring them closer to the beauty of the universe. This unique opportunity allows you to marvel at the secrets of the sky while tasting exquisite wines.


Visitors have the opportunity to explore the “ENTRE QUESOS” (Among Cheeses), “ENTRE ACEITES” (Among Oils), and “ENTRE DEHESAS” (Among Dehesas) experiences, immersing themselves in the local gastronomic richness. These activities allow them to discover the secrets of artisan cheese making, taste extra virgin olive oils, and explore the picturesque landscapes of the Extremaduran dehesas. A unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable sensory experience.


In addition to all these experiences, the company adapts and customizes its services according to the individual needs of each client. For more information, interested parties can visit the company’s website.

Insertus, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

Innovation and Creativity in Tourism and Culture
Insertus is a new partner of the Cluster.

Insertus, a company with a unique vision in the tourism and cultural field, is proud to announce its incorporation into the Cluster as a new partner. With a philosophy rooted in creativity and innovation, Insertus brings a fresh and original perspective to the tourism and cultural landscape.


As a creative company, it stands out for its focus on innovative solutions and unique experiences. From tourism consultancy to the production of performing arts shows, it covers diverse areas of the sector, interpreting new trends and adapting to market demands.


Moreover, Insertus has undergone a significant digital transformation, bringing its services and personalized experiences closer to clients and users worldwide. This strategic adaptation reflects its commitment to excellence and continuous evolution.


The team comprises committed and diverse professionals, each contributing their unique expertise to deliver comprehensive and quality solutions. Nationally recognized for its service excellence, Insertus has been awarded the Tourism Innovation Prize 2022 by Onda Cero Extremadura – Gente Viajera, highlighting its positive impact on the sector.

NATURALMENTE, new partner of the Extremadura Tourism Cluster

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster celebrates the incorporation of the company ‘Naturalmente’ as a new partner.

Cluster partners benefit from collaboration within our region’s sector to participate in projects, access information on technology and innovation, and receive exclusive services.

Naturalmente Accommodation Management Ltd. is a young company that began its journey during the pandemic. Currently, they manage 8 apartments with a solarium pool in the town of El Torno, with a capacity of up to 32 people. They are in the process of expansion, with the addition of a spa area and a spacious multipurpose lounge with beautiful views of the Jerte Valley. Additionally, there is a cozy rural house in Pasarón de la Vera with a capacity of up to 10 people.


The accommodations are characterized by their quality and attention to detail to ensure the well-being of guests. This is reflected in the 5-star ratings on Google Maps and a score of 9.1 on


Committed to sustainability, the use of electric bicycles is promoted so that guests can explore the area in an ecological and innovative way.


Self-catering accommodations are offered with digital keys, water heating systems, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, all managed from mobile devices. This provides guests with independence and comfort while also contributing to cost savings in the building’s daily operations.


Future plans include the construction of new apartments in Trujillo and soon in Montánchez and Jerez de los Caballeros. Expansion in Pasarón is also planned, and they will continue to invest in the region’s development.

Vicente Pozas, winner of the “Paraíso de Brovales” Route Award

On a day filled with emotions and nature, the VI Hiking Route “El Paraíso de Brovales” took place on January 21st in Brovales, Badajoz. This wonderful event, organized by El Paraíso de Brovales – Rural Accommodation, has been recognized as the best private hiking initiative in Extremadura.

One of the highlights was the presentation of the prestigious “Paraíso de Brovales” Route Award to Vicente Pozas. This recognition, granted by the Tourism Complex, was presented by the Mayor of Jerez de los Caballeros, Raúl Gordillo, in a ceremony attended by more than 1200 people.

The VI Hiking Route not only provided an unforgettable hiking experience in nature but also offered dozens of gifts and surprises to the participants. All attendees came together for this event, solidifying it as a memorable day in the rural world of Extremadura.

Congratulations to Vicente Pozas for this well-deserved award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the “Paraíso de Brovales” Route!

Montijo Tour, new member of the Cluster Turismo Extremadura

The Extremadura Tourism Cluster celebrates the incorporation of the company “Montijo Tour” as a new partner. Cluster members benefit from the collaboration of the sector in our region to be able to take part in projects, information on technology and innovation and exclusive services.

Montijo Tour is a retail travel agency, both inbound and outbound, run by Elvira Prieto Molano. It has been open to the public for twenty-two years, based in Montijo, Badajoz. Its commercial activity focuses on selling and organising all kinds of trips and tourist services aimed at the end public. Since its foundation, they have been working as a travel agency, but since 2021, they started to offer incoming services in Extremadura.

They work with all types of public, always giving the best quality in their services. They are not characterised by being an agency that is sought after for price, but their strong points are focused on personalised attention and an exclusive and different packaging.

A dynamic company, always in a process of change and adaptation, in fact, they are currently transforming their brand image to transmit dynamism, digitalisation, freshness and power of attraction as a company in the tourism sector in Extremadura.

Likewise, they carry out commercial activities outside Spain in different territories such as Portugal, Latin America, Asia, Europe, depending on the requirements of their clients. These activities consist of contracts with international incoming agencies, netwroking with international companies, projects, advertising, website for Portuguese public, among others.

You can find more information about them on their website:

Vicente Pozas receives the “Best Tourist Company” Award at the Red Empresarial Gala

The Gala includes the presentation of awards and recognition to different companies and entities of the territory.

On Friday 17 November 2023, at 8 pm, the Hotel Doña Mafalda de Castilla in Plasencia will host the VI Edition of the Red Empresarial Gala.

At this ceremony, the Extremadura Tourism Cluster will award the Tourism Business Improvement Award to Vicente Pozas Mirón, a journalist specialising in tourism, blogger and nature photographer.

Vicente Pozas currently works at Onda Cero Radio Extremadura, where he is the director of the tourism programme Gente Viajera por Extremadura; he is also CEO of the company VP Comunicación Turística, editor-in-chief of the tourism magazine Destino Extremadura, author and head of the hiking blog Andando Extremadura, and scriptwriter of tourism audiovisuals.

As far as his experience is concerned, he has been working in radio for 36 years, 22 of them doing the programme Gente Viajera, and 16 editing the magazine Destino

Extremadura magazine. He has also been president of the La Vereína Hiking Club, and is currently vice-president of the GR100 Hiking and Mountain Club. He is also an expert in the design and layout of hiking routes, a low and medium mountain guide, and an organiser of hiking routes and treks.

His professional achievements also include the following: more than 200 hiking routes commented, signposted and photographed in the blog; several collective photography exhibitions; author of the series ‘Cáceres pueblo a pueblo’ (Periódico Extremadura, 2004-2005); and numerous articles on tourism and hiking in the specialised press.

About the Business Network Project

This project aims to develop and grow the business fabric of the Province of Cáceres through the organisation of an event that brings together a large number of companies in the area. It is developed with the aim of increasing their sphere of contacts and finding business opportunities.

TURIBERIA 2023 Awards

During the celebration of the Turiberia Fair, Iberian Tourism Exhibition held in the framework of the Spanish-Portuguese Fair (Fehispor) in IFEBA, we held a raffle in collaboration with CETEX where some of our partners were encouraged to participate and give away vouchers offering their services.

The winners have already been contacted, and we hope they will enjoy the prizes soon.

Lunch or dinner for 2

Gran Hotel Don Manuel

Lunch or dinner for 2

Hotel Rio Badajoz

Lunch or dinner for 2

Hotel Badajoz Center

Lunch or dinner for 2

Parador Mérida

Dinner for 2

Mesón Lo Nuestro

2 Nikkei menus at the Bar Rojo

Hotel NH Gran Casino Badajoz

1-night stay for 2 persons on B&B basis

Hotel Ilunion Golf Badajoz

1-night stay for 2 persons on B&B basis

Hotel Ilunion Mérida Palace

1-night stay for 2

Casa Manadero

1-night stay in a double room with breakfast

Hotel AC Badajoz

Guided tour in Cáceres for 2


Guided tour in Mérida for 2


2 places for the Safari del Toro

Viajes Traventure

The Tourism Cluster attends the Cultivating Employment Fair Extremadura

Yesterday, 24th October, the Cultivating Employment Extremadura Fair, organised by Acción contra el Hambre, was held at the San Francisco Cultural Complex in Cáceres, with the aim of supporting people in the process of actively seeking employment in our region.
The Extremadura Tourism Cluster attended, once again, in collaboration with CETEX, the Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería y Turismo de Extremadura.
The programme of the event included a round table on Challenges and trends in employment and entrepreneurship in Extremadura, a round table on Social innovation for employment, a dynamic of reactivation between participants and companies, a job fair and an Incubator for entrepreneurship.

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