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Approval of Heritart II project, renamed Dancing Histor(y)ies

Under the slogan “linking communities and heritage through dance” it will be about combining heritage sites, local community groups and visiting dance companies from abroad, and developing and testing how these groups can come together, with local variants, through two editions of a multi-location festival.

It is a continuation of the Heritart I project, the logo of which is shown in the image.

Clúster del Turismo works on project to create network of Cultural Capitals of Europe

CulTourdata aims to boost the analytical and data skills of SMEs by exploiting the synergies between tourism, cultural creativity and technology in order to deepen the development of tourism businesses through the enhancement of a network of Cultural Capitals of Europe and to develop a data-driven approach to stimulate business growth.

Thus, a few days ago, a meeting was held in the city of Kosice (Slovakia), European Capital of Culture in 2013, which allowed to continue with the monitoring of the project and to pool ideas and progress in terms of the tasks to be carried out by each of the partners.

In particular, the first meeting held in Matera (Italy) in March 2022, was an opportunity to share the future key actions of the project. Co-financed by the European Union’s COSME programme, CulTourData promotes the digitisation and use of data in SMEs.

In this sense, the project manager, Paolo Montemurro from Materahub (Italy), highlighted that “what elevates the impact of this project for the Cultural Capitals is that 60 tourism SMEs, together with 120 cultural and creative organisations and 60 IT experts and data analysts will be funded to help develop their innovative projects, designed thanks to the support of this programme”.

In addition, the public-private partnership is composed of 8 partners, representing 7 countries. It includes different profiles of entities, including SMEs in Cultural Capital Cities, Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI Clusters), a Public Tourism Agency, a Business Incubator, a Public Business Support Organisation/Public Authority, a University and the European Accessibility Network, a non-profit tourism association.

Finally, it should be noted that each partner is linked to a European Capital of Culture, past or present: Matera 2019, Leeuwarden 2018, Chemnitz 2025, Košice 2013, Leiria 2027 and Spain 2031, to which Cáceres will possibly apply.

Link to the article from Región Digital

Registration open for the Tourism Innovation Summit 2022

From the Clúster de Turismo de Extremadura we offer our partners the opportunity to participate in the TIS that will take place in Seville from 2 to 4 November. Discover the new trends in tourism innovation, its challenges and solutions. For more information visit their website:, if you want to participate in the TIS, please contact us.

Launch of the new campaign “Reclaim the power to dream”

The tourism promotion campaign “Reclaim the power to dream” will be presented on 1 September Las Hurdes, with the aim of strengthening public-private cooperation for the coming months.

I i-Rural Fair in Don Benito next 29th and 30th of September

The 1st i-Rural Fair in Don Benito will take place on 29 and 30 September with the aim of fulfilling the need to promote, disseminate and publicise the ICT products and services available to the rural world.